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Iren Liberman

General Manager

Iren leads the daily operations and is a key senior sourcing consultant with 8 years’ experience on the ground in China. She is our procurement and negotiation Oracle and has helped countless businesses find and improve product supply that enable their businesses to flourish.

Eric Smith

Senior Account Manager

Eric has worked amongst a community of entrepreneurs in Shanghai and is very familiar with the challenges people face in understanding how to import from China. He works on strategy with a number of our advanced level clients to get most from their China operations.

Emily Rose

Support Manager

Emily hails from the UK and is a key person to speak with about becoming a Found client. She spends time to recognize the different needs of new and existing clients to match the perfect service package. Emily also remains a constant outlet for support for any level of Found client.

Sun Shen

Account Manager

Sun is a native of Shanghai and her energetic attitude typifies the strong team spirit of this Shanghai office. Taking great care of Found client accounts located on different continents she is no stranger to taking on and beating challenges.

Park Chang

Analytics Advisor

Park with the company 8 years and a fine example to any of his colleagues. Coolness personified he works through procurement tasks efficiently and effectively. Park always makes himself available for clients when they need.

Gary Dutcher

Senior Advisor

Gary is our most senior advisor with experience in China dating back to mid 90's. He has accumulated vast experience through working with many companies in different fields across the Asia Pacific region.

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