First Samples

Getting samples in China is worth taking time and care over to ensure accuracy. When sourcing from China you should never skip this step, it’s worth having samples professionally produced. It can take lots of your precious time and money without guaranteed results but with Direct Station in Shanghai you are in safe hands.

Samples are your chance to test the products you are going to sell. It is important to make sure that the supplied goods are of high quality and will be demanded by your potential customers. We will help you to get as many samples as you need for your business activity.

Sample Consolidation

Direct Station helps you do Sample Consolidation from various suppliers for one product or different products. This services works in cutting logistics costs, reducing fraud risk and reducing payment risks. We check samples and packaging before delivering to ensure there is no obvious faults of them.

We also ensure the terms of payment of samples safe enough, because we know which terms of payment is safe.

Main benefits of Sample Consolidation include

  • Help clients to substantially reduce their “logistics costs” by consolidating their samples from different suppliers into one central location.
  • Negotiating the best commercial conditions
  • Improving supplier relationships
  • Defining product specs that will meet your needs
  • Managing and mitigating all supply chain risks

Meet Our Team

Iren Liberman

General Manager

Eric Smith

Senior Account Manager

Emily Rose

Support Manager