Part 1: Importing from China

Importing from China: Zhejiang Industrial Cities Part 1- Suppliers in Hangzhou

Hundreds of cities with names that are difficult to pronounce, where am I talking about? That’s right! China. Today is the first of a 3 part blog series on Zhejiang Province and some of the main business cities within. Let’s have a look at Hangzhou and 3 cities in the vicinity namely Xiaoshan, Shaoxing & Huzhou. We want to touch on the light industry and manufacturers you can expect to find there.

At a glance…

Hangzhou is a large city, home to 9 million people and giant Chinese companies such as the popular sourcing platform, Alibaba. Tourism is also huge here and Hangzhou’s Westlake and bamboo forests attract millions of local and foreign visitors every year. If you are curious, it is worth a visit but be sure to avoid any national holidays - the crowds are chaotic. Many large US, German & Japanese companies have operations in Hangzhou such as Merck, Ford, Bosch, Siemens, Mitsubishi, and Toshiba, to name a small few.

To the south east of Hangzhou you will find Xiaoshan, which almost forms a conurbation with Hangzhou but for the Qiantang River splitting the two and flowing into Hangzhou Bay. If you fly to Hangzhou, you will land at Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport, which is convenient to both locations. Xiaoshan is a very prosperous city with the GDP around USD 1.62 billion. Some of that success is owed to the Xiaoshan Economic Development Zone which was established in 1990. Further to the south east is the city of Shaoxing which is seen as a center of culture famous for Shaoxing rice wine, opera & stinky tofu. Yes that is the official name and if you can get over the smell it tastes better than it smells!

Heading back north and past Hangzhou around 60KM is Huzhou City. Huzhou is the silk capital of China, and obviously is quite famous for same. You won’t be flying in to Huzhou though as there isn’t an airport, for that you need to land at Xiaoshan or Wuxi in Jiangsu both around 70K away. The city is served well by the high speed rail and would be the best means of getting in and out of Huzhou. If you get a chance don’t miss trying a bowl of the famous Huzhou dumplings. Enough about the opera & food, let’s talk shop.

Popular Industries and what these cities do well

There is a lot of light industry around the Hangzhou area. If you are looking to import from China any of the products listed here, then Hangzhou is a good place to base yourself.

1. Bathroom Ware - Showers, baths, Jacuzzi and steam rooms are made around Hangzhou. There are centers of huge showrooms which are run by factories but are designed for a more comfortable experience. You need to check clearly a factories location when planning a trip otherwise you might be surprised to land at a showroom. I’ve done it!

2. Furniture - Office and hotel furniture suppliers are very plentiful in this area. The quality is mixed but there are plenty of good factories. 

3. Electronic Scooters & Bicycles - Zhejiang prove is home to all times 2-wheeled. If you are interested in electric scoots/bicycles, it is advised to check what regulations your local authority has in place to govern these. 

4. Kitchens - All types of kitchens are based out of Hangzhou, with some very good suppliers in this area. 

5. Windows & Doors - Timber, PVC and aluminum windows & door suppliers are also very plentiful.

In heavier industry you will find suppliers of agricultural equipment, elevators and medical equipment. Many of the items above have crossover with our friends in Xiaoshan, Shaoxing and Huzhou but here are more specific lists to those cities.                                       


Bedding, Clothes, Bathroom Ware, Electronic Scooters, Bicycles, Appliances & Building Insulation. 


Home Textiles, Fabrics, Lighting, Plastic Packaging, Plumping Fittings, Piping, Chemicals, Aluminium Cans.


Building Materials, Printed Fabrics, Furniture, Bathroom Ware. 


Faith Marfil

I've been to China before and it's true that cities there really specialize in limited products. For example in Yiwu, where 60% of the world's Christmas decorations are made. There are over 600 factories in the city alone.

Randy James

I want to get into importing electronic scooters & bicycles. I have prospects literally waiting for these so I have no doubt that it would be a lucrative endeavor.

Rae Leon

Interesting article you've got here. I've learned a lot from this! Thank you for sharing and doing this article with people who aren't too familiar with these kinds of stuff.

Nnaemeka Odimegwu

Hangzhou is indeed an industrial hub. With only a little population of 9 million, I find it fascinating that it is able to attract several US, German and Japanese companies. Now, I know what to advice anyone who is looking to import furniture from China. These importers are very popular where I live.

caleon ramirez

These are interesting facts. To think that China has many manufacturing companies and each province or city has a certain "specialty" of product they produce. Well there are more consumers all over the world and if products are of good quality, they are what the consumers sought out.

carmen lustre

These are very interesting things to know. There are a lot of things that are made in China and many of them are of good quality. To be able to import those goods into your country and help you with your business is great.

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