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Top 3 Tips for Amazon FBA Sellers shipping from China.

I have been talking about shipping from China a lot recently, today let's focus that a bit more for Amazon FBA sellers. 

So today we need to cover:

- The 3 Tips on issues for Amazon FBA sellers importing from China.

- The 4 possible Solutions.

ONE - Importer of Record

I don't want to gloss over such a massive topic but let's just say you have nailed the product sourcing from China and hopefully gotten some help with quality control in China for FBA sellers. A lot of the hard work is done and dusted so now it's just a matter of moving the items from A-B and then watch them fly out of your store all going well. "A" being China and "B" being the USA. While the actual shipping is not hard it is important to have all your ducks in a row so that you tick all the documentation boxes for importing into the US. First up you need to have a company to act as the Importer of Record, they are responsible for the following.

1. Ensuring the goods imported comply to all laws and regulations. For example, you are not trying to bring in a banned product such as the counterfeit hover boards in the image above.

2. Filling a duty entry form and associated documents.

3. Paying import duties and any other associated taxes.

You don't have to be a US registered company for the above, you can also be a non-resident importer of record. In this case you need to contact your customs broker/freight forwarder to find out how to do this.

TWO - Customs Brokers

For Amazon FBA sellers having a solid customs broker is a must. They are licensed by the US Customs and Border Protection to apply for customs entry. Customs Brokers can also make payments for import duty and arrange for the customs release of goods. Basically all that is on behalf of you. 

THREE - Shipping Terms, Documentation & Returns

Be careful to make sure your shipping terms to the Amazon fulfillment center should be DDP, i.e. delivery duty paid. You can still buy the product FOB, ship from China and then deliver to Amazon DDP. If goods get to Amazon with any shipping charges or taxes unpaid then they will be refused entry and you will be left in limbo.

FOUR - Possible Solutions

1. Use a customs broker to act as the ultimate consignee. You will not need an EIN for this solution. An EIN number is basically a social security number for your business.

2. Use an express company like FedEx/DHL. It is best to provide Amazon's EIN number in this case.

3. Use a prep & forwarding company as the ultimate consignee. Again you won't need an EIN here.

4. For normal Air/Ocean shipments (non DHL/FedEx deliveries) then using the forwarder/customs broker as the Importer of record is a good idea. You should be the ultimate consignee and provide Amazons EIN number.


Nick Nikson

I had problems with quality control. After that, I always discuss all the nuances with the importer. And delivery, as you said, does not cause any inconvenience. I strongly recommend that you check all the papers before shipping. The author of the blog gives the correct recommendations.

Bill Couter

An extremely important article for those who did not have the experience of importing goods from China. Even I did not know everything. Thanks for the info

Pete Brison

Wow, I surely didn't know that all these points need to be checked before participating in the Amazon FBA program. This is a real business endeavor and things definitely need to be done right if I want a chance to succeed in this competitive market. Thanks for opening up my eyes!

Scott Summers

Amazingly just days ago I almost got scammed with something similar to this. Shipping and all. However, I agree we must use credible companies. Otherwise be very careful.

A Roma Abuelo

This is a very informative article. Thank you for all the recommendations.

Tammy Kurtz

Thank you for this very informative article! With China almost dominating Amazon, your recommendations are so timely.

Tom Esthber

I have never ordered from Amazon before. Now after this article I might try ordering something to see if it is any good.

Derrick Luseka

This is very important. I wasn't aware of all the things that need to be done in order to import from China.

Esdyi Diaz

These are important points to remember when shipping products from China. It would ensure that there would be no delay due to documentation.

Lovely Marfil

I believe that doing business with China is a risk. Some prosper, others return with a failure. They have unclear laws and bribery is rampant.

Robert M

Thanks for the very important article. Now I know the very important steps about shipping from china.

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