Reliable Chinese Suppliers

Top 5 tips for Finding Reliable Chinese Suppliers "the easy way". 

This article is really a head start for beginners or those of you who may have had an unfortunate experience while engaging with suppliers online from a remote location. I'm hoping below offers some valuable tips on finding reliable Chinese suppliers. So what's it all about?

Having reliable supply partners is not just a good thing to have, it's absolutely essential. When you deal with or want to deal in buying products from a manufacturer or a trading company in China then when it boils down to it “reliability” will be a keyword. The responsibility in choosing those suppliers rests with us as buyers, business owners and entrepreneurs. So finding reliable Chinese suppliers, how do we do that the easy way? I apologise it might be a bit misleading to say “the easy way”! We all know nothing comes super easy but what we can say is you can make it a lot easier by following a few rules and best practices. Ensure you are bringing risk to the lowest level you can and pumping up your chances of success to a high level with inevitable success. Makes sense right. Where do I start?

Pretty much all first timers and plenty of old hands use B2B sites like, where you can find an endless amount of products of which there are a myriad of suppliers. You can communicate with these suppliers instantly using messaging tools and email. Get information quickly like product prices, pictures, e-catalogs etc. So far so easy right? Well yes and no, we need to be a bit more systematic about what it is we are looking for in a potential supplier and digest that before getting into a conversation that can take on a life of its own. Trust me I've made the mistake, it will serve you far better in the long run to make some clear assessment on the information in front of you.

Take Alibaba the most popular of these B2B sourcing from China sites. When you click on a supplier ideally what do you want to see? For a start…

A Company profile which isn't just fluffy business speak. It doesn't matter too much about the quality of the writing but it's nice to see companies talk about when they formed, who is the president, and what they are passionate about.

Images of factory or offices along with real people (often the sales guys & girls). It's nice to see images of workers together and company signage on the factory gates or buildings. It helps you to at least understand that this is a real company with a real address.

Video explainer about the company and what they do. Sometimes these are hit and miss and it is understandable if companies don't have one as it can be a bit of bother and expense to engage. However if you do see one look for a genuine connection between the video and a company or people. Anyone can get a video of a large printer or CNC machine working away nicely.

Gold Membership while this status can be paid for it is still encouraging to see a company keep this membership up for 5 years +. It's better to have your shortlist of suppliers tick this box.

Trade Assurance support is a free service for buyers and suppliers from that is designed to create trust between the buyer & seller. Trade Assurance covers buyers on with 100% payment protection with their selected TA suppliers. You will be covered if:

  • Your products are not shipped on time as per the contract with your supplier.
  • The quality of your products is not up to the standard as per the contract with your supplier.

This is a really good start to a much greater list worth addressing, if you are struggling to tick the boxes on above, then don't worry that a really, really attractive price is being listed. It won't exist.


Andy Crow

I also looked for suppliers on B2B sites. Only I found them on Aliexpress. The reliability of the supplier is the key to success. Without transparency of transactions and knowledge of the rules of business relations - everything is approaching zero. The supplier must be responsible.

May Miklen

I fully agree, especially since in recent years it has not always been so easy to find reliable suppliers.

Andrew Torres

With the number of Chinese suppliers sprawling the market these days, it's indeed important to look for the reliable ones. All your tips are going to help us find the right supplier.

Gabriela Betancourt

Thank you for these tips, I'm new in everything about being an entrepreneur. As for the Company profiles, you gave me an idea of how potential clients find your company online, thanks.

Tom Esthber

I have no reasons to deal with B2B stuff, especially with Chinese companies. But if there is one Chinese brand I would recommend Jinhao. They make pretty decent pens (just remember that the quality control is an issue with them so it’s better to buy in bulk in case one pen does not work).

Mickey Kaiden

Finding a reliable supplier is a vital step in getting your stuff imported from China. Irresponsible suppliers can frustrate you by delaying the shipment or not dispatching it on time all together.

Esdyi Diaz

You really need to know the company you are dealing with. The company's reputation should be protected, so knowing your supplier should always be a part of internal control.

Lovely Marfil

Thanks for sharing tips on how to spot a reliable Chinese supplier. Alibaba and Taobao are the biggest e-commerce sites in China. You can find good quality products there if you carefully review every detail.

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