We work with small to multi-national companies that are looking to procure goods and services from emerging markets for export or to support their local operations.

We are supplier independent, we never take commissions from suppliers, and we conduct our procurement on an objective and documented basis.

From initial brief to quantifying the potential value opportunity, takes between a few days for categories we know well to 2 months for new categories.

To qualify a new supplier that has been identified as offering potential value, takes between a few weeks for simple off-the-shelf products to several months for complex custom engineered products.

We carefully choose manufacturers. They must meet the following criteria:

  • A good track record of production for U.S. markets,
  • All required certificates and verifications for the market entry and product safety.

Our products are sourced only from manufacturers we have established long-term relationship.

The MOQ (minimum order quantity) is a single set which contains several pieces of the same item.

The quantity of items in a single set ranges from several to dozens of items, depending on the weight and size of the item.

We also have tiered pricing for large orders that can be found on the product specifics page.

All goods are ready for shipping out from our warehouses located in China and the U.S. You can check the stock status on the product pages. All products will be shipped via express carriers. The current available shipping options are UPS, FedEx, DHL and TNT.

Defective goods can be returned and/or exchanged. Our customer service team is ready to help you with any questions you may have.

Our services are free! We simply add our commission to the cost of the products your ordered. Depending on the size of your orders, we will add about 5-7% commission. That is right, we will send your products, check the supplier, organize shipping quotes and logistics thereafter, and manage your ongoing supply chain requirements for as little as 5%.

No particular limit, we are capable across a wide variety of fields due to our extensive experience sourcing from China. Our company actively employs skilled technical staff so we are looking at products from a functional angle more than just a cosmetic level. Of course, if you are into the rocket science, we will hold our hand up, everyone has their weaknesses.

Yes, we will pay the supplier directly and handle any currency exchanges through our preferred international currency rates. We make dozens of international payments every day.....our rates are red hot!

Drop us an enquiry and detail your product requirements with your most convenient contact methods and we will be in touch.

Yes, we charge about 5-7% commission depending on your order volumes. This commission is added to the factory cost of your product.