Supplier Audit

If you need to find reliable Chinese suppliers OR if you are wondering how to verify Chinese suppliers, then having experienced people who would make an independent audit on information is just what you need.

Direct Stationhas our own systems to help you do supplier information audits.

In business, company verification is very essential to enterprises. It means to protect you from online scammers and pretenders.

In China, there are various kinds of suppliers. It is easily to fall into traps. Some just aim to pique your interest and then disappear with your money. Some send you substandard products upon receipt of your payment.

Direct Stationhelps you verify any company or supplier before you make payments. You can consider us as your personal insurance policy against fraud and deception.

What is an audit?

This is an important part of the partnership involving customers and suppliers. Its aim is to inspect and improve the existing delivery and products quality processes.

Advantages of supplier audit do not cause any doubts. They include the following:

  • Making sure that an efficient and operative QMS (Quality Management System) has been determined
  • Transparency of documents on products and raw materials quality
  • Possibility to document and compare the development of certain suppliers
  • Opportunity to decrease supplier’s risks and costs related to quality
  • Active communication of customers and suppliers, which contributes to strengthening long-term business relations.

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