Who we are?

We aim to develop long-term relationships based on trust, transparency and business integrity with a limited number of organizations.

As experienced eCommerce sellers, specialists, and loyal online shoppers, we understand Amazon and many other selling platforms emphasize amazing customer service, passing the burden onto their sellers.

We will guide you through the entire process from creating your work order with only the most appropriate services, to completing your uniquely selected services, assembling an outbound compliant shipment and assisting you in completing the most sensible outbound shipping plan; all with patience and a smile!

Some Story Behind Us

We provide the easiest and most cost effective all-in-one solution for your business. We enable anyone to sell products in bulk globally by providing secure payment services, logistics solutions, escrow protection services, and internet financing.

Nowadays, Sourcing and importing products from China is not a quite difficult thing. However, business importers always feel hard to find the suitable suppliers because they do not know well about China market. Direct Station is a specialized Assurance Provider to help you ensure the quality and safety of your products. The core aim of Direct Station is to meet customers’ demands, supplying services including innovative and bespoke Assurance, Testing, Inspection and Certification services.

Our Expertise

Direct Station is an expertise company with strategic procurement technology, rich practitioner power and the most customer-oriented services. Whether your business is local or global, we can help your products meet quality, health, environmental, safety, and social accountability standards for virtually any market around the world.

Direct Station can develop your competitive edge, providing with reliable testing and certification; having rapid, efficient access to almost any market; offering Quality Assurance across your supply chain by reducing cost and minimizing risks for being a TRUSTED BRAND.

FBA Solution

The risk of sending a product straight from manufacturer to buyer can easily outweigh the potential for savings. What you may believe to be saving in prep fees, you could be spending in refunds to customers or in reputation. That’s where we come in. We receive your shipment and identify any potential problems, saving you the penalty of negative reviews, costly replacements to regain customer confidence and overall unhappy customers. It’s no secret that bad feedback travels farther than positive, so we are here to allow you to put your best foot forward! We can inspect your products, perform labeling, bundling, and many other services to save you time, keep your shipments compliant and sturdy, and eliminate the risk of sending faulty or misrepresented products into your marketplace.

Meet Our Team

Iren Liberman

General Manager

Eric Smith

Senior Account Manager

Emily Rose

Support Manager